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Beautiful Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces You Should Try

Here are some of the most stunning hairstyles chosen from beautiful actresses that will enhance the hidden beauty of round-shaped faces. These medium hairstyles come in various patterns to make you look absolutely gorgeous.  Emma Stone Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces instagram The stunning medium hairstyle of Emma Stone looks soft and straight in blonde….

Life-Changing Hairstyle Hack For Hiding Your Age

As you age, the way you choose to style your hair can have a big impact on enhancing your best features and minimizing the effects of aging. A great haircut and style can make a world of difference, helping you embrace your appearance or even giving you a more youthful look by strategically placing some…


You’ve already noticed that most women have been more into short nail designs these last few years as they are cute and practical. I can’t say the same about myself. I’ve always liked mid-length nails thinking they are cuter. When I got into real life, it was a bit harder to maintain my long nails…