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You’ve already noticed that most women have been more into short nail designs these last few years as they are cute and practical.

I can’t say the same about myself. I’ve always liked mid-length nails thinking they are cuter.

When I got into real life, it was a bit harder to maintain my long nails as they really make it hard for me to do anything especially work.

Once I got into short nail designs, I never looked back again into anything else.

These short nail designs and ideas are for everyday wear and you’ll never get bored of them as I know we tend to get bored of our nail designs as quickly as the weather changes.

Trust me, you’ll never feel you’re into them until you try them out, and these cute short nail ideas will make you forget your obsession with long acrylic nails.

1. Let’s Go Simple

image : Shelley

This cream polish is super simple while still keeping your short nails looking fresh and clean. To up the gloss factor, paint on a shiny top coat to finish off your look.

2. Leopard Short Nail Design

image : Shelley

Leopard print has been having a moment, and while we don’t always see it paired with green, it works. The green nails are tempting to try.

However, you might want to bring the leopard pattern to your nail tech to enjoy the best results.

3. Simple Abstract Lines

image : Shelley

Here, light pink and white play in a design that’s reminiscent of a modern work of art. Consider this a slightly more light-hearted take on the contemporary trend.

Given the intricate nature of the lines, you might want to save this abstract nail art idea on your phone and ask your manicurist to bring it to life.

4. We Love Sage Short Nails

image : Julia

Muted nails have a natural talent for looking effortlessly cute. Add short nails to the mix, and you have yourself a beautiful duo.

Sage is a smart and chic nail color that never fails to produce fabulous results.

5. French Short Nails

image : Beth

We tend to associate French tips with oval or “squoval” nails. Here, we have the shorter, punchier version that creates an overall sharper effect.

The result is a clean, polished, and a little more practical alternative to the much-loved classic.

6. Purple Mix Nails

image : Aimee

Swirls and bright colors are dominating the nail scene. With these short nail designs, we see the best of both worlds, using purple and white polish to craft flames, split French tips, and swirls across the nails.

While this mani looks complicated, you may be able to take it on yourself with the right polish, patience, and a lot of determination.

7. Patchwork Hearts Short Nails

image : Shelley

The white lines complement rather than contrast with the light blush base, making for a rather neutral appeal that’s perfect for everyday wear.

The adorable heart nail art elevates this mani to adorable status without too much extra work.

8. Cute Frenchies with Cherries

image : Shelley

Adding cute to adorable, these nails are the idyllic fruity combo that makes the most of both chic and fun vibes.

One of my favorite ways to instantly enhance timeless French tips is to add some charming nail art, all the better if it gives color pop.

9. Fine Swirls Short Nails

image : Shelley

This is a more refined take on the swirl trend. The finer swirls suit shorter nail designs, as there’s more room for curves that don’t overwhelm the nail.

The ribbon-like swirls should be set to a neutral tone backdrop for best results.

10. Pastel Dreams

image : Charlotte

Pastels are everyone’s most popular pick at the moment. Fortunately, they go hand in hand with short nails, making this look a fashionable combo.

11. Lady Mani with a Twist

image : Bethany

These French tips start with a milky-blush base that leads into more stark white tips with a strike through them.

Interestingly, their beauty is rather easy to recreate as you only have to start with the base before applying the tip and using a toothpick to slick through the white polish.

12. Rawr Short Nails

image : Emma

Everyone loves to get a little wild with their nails now and then. If you’re just experimenting or usually prefer long and have to go short this time and would still like something a little extra, the color and print of these nails are just what you need.

13. Sunny and Cloudy

image : Stefanie

Using two different colors across your nails is a fantastic way to achieve professional-looking nails without the effort to match.

Here, we see an unusual but powerful mix of grey and orange with adorable polka dots to boot.

14. Skinny Green French Tips

image : Amber

Sometimes all you need is a little flick of nail polish across your nails to achieve an understated chic look that works for all occasions.

Be sure to file your nails before applying this look, as the sharper and more polished, the better.

15. A Little Touch of Leopard

image : Shelley

Bring life to your short nails with this wildlife-inspired look that’s absolutely adorable. Black and white is always a winning combo, especially when applied as animal print.

These nails are ideal for special occasions or for adding a little bit of fun to your nail collection.

16. White Polka Dots Nails

image : Shelley

Casual-chic nails don’t have to blend into the background. Instead, they can stand out with perfectly-applied white polka dots that stylishly line a blush background creating an adorable look that can be worn anywhere.

17. Set Yourself Free Nails

image : Emma

If you’re waiting for your nails to grow, I can’t recommend this look enough. Vertical lines create the illusion of length, making your nails look longer than they really are.

Of course, the colorful lines also look fantastic and are brimming with personality.

18. Halloween Vibes Short Nails

short nail designs
image : Alexandra

A common misconception is that themed nails are only for special occasions or certain times of the year.

If you’re feeling the spooky vibes now, why not let it show in your nails? These short nails pair black French tips with Halloween-themed nail art for a chic finish that can be worn all year round.

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19. Gold French Nails

short nail designs
image : Alexandra

These nails are effortlessly chic. As well, you don’t necessarily need to go to a salon to achieve this salon-style look.

Instead, file your nails into the popular oval shape and apply a clear base.

After, add a small line of shimmery gold polish to complete this Instagram-ready manicure.

20. Let’s Get it Green

short nail designs
image : Charlotte

I love crescendo nails that start subtly before becoming more dramatic or detailed toward the middle and tapering off again.

It makes the most of the minimalism and ‘extra’ trends and is entirely captivating to look at.

21. Natural Look Short Nails

short nail designs
image : Beth

If you want nails, you can wear to the office but will also fit right in on a night out, these are the classic, minimalist nails for you.

They can be perfected in a matter of minutes and even used as a blank canvas if you want to spice up your nails down the line.

22. Olive Abstract Swirls

short nail designs
image : Aimee

Olive is one of my favorite colors to use on nails as it brings an elegant, smart vibe that pairs gorgeously with rings.

It’s a little unique, especially due to its abstract design but worry not; that just means you can get a little creative when trying out this chic look.

23. A French White Mani

image : Bryony

Who needs all those bells and whistles when you could just have a straightforward, ultra-chic, and no-nonsense manicure that can be done within minutes.

File your nails into a square shape, grab some white polish and coat those layers on.

24. Mini White Hearts

short nail designs
image : Bryony

We all love a little fairytale charm now and then, and this manicure delivers.

It’s not the easiest to master, but it’s completely worth it as a nail design that can be worn anytime, anywhere, while looking effortlessly cute.

25. Blue Steel Nails

image : Bryony

If your nails are on the cusp of being short and long, this is the style I recommend for you.

The blue polish needs a little more space to come into its own, showcasing its beauty across the entirety of your nail.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with this look and apply the blue blobs wherever your heart desires.