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5 Genius Woodworking Tips & Hacks

Whether woodworking is a hobby or a source of income, you should check these genius tips and tricks out! After trying 1 or more of these hacks, surely your life would change and would definitely be easier than before that you would actually wish you’d known them sooner. These tricks are compiled by Quantum Tech HD on YouTube.


  • Wood
  • Wood glue
  • Sanding machine
  • Powdered wood or sawdust
  • Chisel
  • Plastic bottle
  • Heat gun
  • L square ruler
  • Pen


Hack #1

2 thin wooden fragments can solve your mismatch trouble, simply cut with a saw 2 parallel lines on the edge of your wood and insert thin fragments on those gaps to widen the end, then hammer it down tightly to lock it in place.

Your L square ruler can become an efficient compass with this idea, just insert 2 nails with a distance depending on how big you want the circle to be, then place your pen on the inner corner of the L square and slowly slide the ruler using the nails as a guide until you’ve made a perfect-shaped circle.

Must try woodworking tips and tricks
Image Credit: Quantum Tech HD via YouTube

Hack #3

By using some powdered wood and glue, you can leave any crack undetectable. Apply and spread wood glue to the area where you want to hide the cracks or joints, then top it with a generous amount of powdered wood or sawdust, rub it on, and smoothen out with a sanding machine.

Hack #4

Join woods without leaving a mark, first, chisel the upper layer of the wood a bit, then insert the nail or screw. Apply glue on the area and reattach the chiseled wood, then put some weights so that it’s even and wait for it to dry completely. Smoothen it out with a sanding machine for an impeccable outcome.

Hack #5

If you want to join 2 light wood pieces, try using a cut out of a plastic bottle’s body, insert the woods on each side, then use a heat gun to melt and attach the plastic to the wood. This method is very sturdy too!

Easy and Cheap Woodworking Tricks
Image Credit: Quantum Tech HD via YouTube