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If you’re a new mama that just figured out you’re expectant (congrats mom!), it’s time to determine what foods to avoid during very early pregnancy.

It’s an excellent concept to doubt the foods you eat since while some foods seem harmless they may not be good for your growing fetus during early pregnancy.

I remember being so overwhelmed about what foods to prevent during early pregnancy or at any time in my maternity for that matter.

What do I truly have to prevent?

What foods should I consume in small amounts?

The complication that borders foods to avoid while pregnant motivated me to aid brand-new moms out– to clarify so to speak as well as establish you on the best course for a healthy and balanced pregnancy.

Now, I’m not a physician– I can do the study and also inform you about my own experience yet if you have any problems about the foods to prevent during very early pregnancy after that talk with your doctor.

That might just provide you satisfaction.

So, allow’s have a look at what foods to avoid throughout early pregnancy …( and the rest of your pregnancy for that issue).

Yup, you can kiss sushi goodbye because it’s certainly among the top foods to stay clear of throughout very early pregnancy (actually your whole maternity too– sigh).

Consuming raw fish runs the risk of revealing your expanding unborn child to the contamination that might lead to pregnancy problems.

So, also if you’re an absolute sushi fan it’s time to place that love aside for the next 9 months.

( Do not fret 9 months may appear like a long time yet it actually isn’t ).


Fish high in mercury isn’t good to eat when you’re not expecting so you definitely should not take in any kind of while you’re expecting.

Mercury is hazardous to your child, period.

Here’s a listing of high mercury fish:.


Those are the type of fish to prevent during pregnancy but that doesn’t imply you need to remove fish from your diet completely– fish is an exceptional source of omega 3 fatty acids, healthy protein, as well as various other nutrients. (resource).

Here’s a checklist of reduced mercury fish:.

Shrimp (wahoo! haha! ).

foods to avoid during early pregnancy


The key to eating fish during pregnancy is to be cautious as well as, naturally, consume it in small amounts.


It’s time to make sure any kind of meat you take in has actually been dealt with appropriately and is totally cooked.

( So, if you like your steak uncommon it’s time to lay off consuming it that way till your child is birthed).

Raw meat can consist of salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and also other harmful bacterias (resource)– so please mother ensure any kind of meat you consume while you’re pregnant is well cooked!


Deli meat as well as various other treated meats aren’t good for you when you aren’t expecting let alone during pregnancy.


These type of meats are highly processed as well as can carry all sorts of negative microorganisms that you wouldn’t intend to consume while you’re expectant.

One instance is listeria which can be connected to miscarriages, stillbirth as well as other problems with coming fetuses.

Since does not mean that all delicatessens meat normally carries these damaging bacterias, it’s that they have a higher opportunity of having them.

The factor below is to prevent them when you can, so no eating at Subway for the following few months.

If you absolutely intend to have these sort of meats after that proceed with caution as well as ensure to cook them well first.


foods to be avoided during early pregnancy

This suggests, well, a raw egg or any recipe that has a soft kind of an egg.

Points like eggs benedict, some homemade salad dressings, as well as eggnog.

Generally, you must only have eggs if both the white as well as yolk is totally cooked.


Since if you do not you risk of unsafe germs as well as no mama intends to do that!


High levels of caffeine intake while pregnant is among those controversial subjects– should you or shouldn’t you?

Just how much is excessive?

The good news is you don’t need to get rid of all caffeine from your diet.

According to the March of Dimes, pregnant women need to limit their caffeine consumption to 200 mg per day. (resource).

So, that’s primarily having one cup of coffee a day.

When I was expecting I hungered for a great deal of chocolate which additionally has caffeine in it so I was added mindful concerning how much I consumed.

The factor below?

Be practical regarding how much high levels of caffeine you’re consuming.

Read this write-up for more info.


foods to be avoided during early pregnancy

This usually suggests soft cheeses (believe brie, goat cheese, ricotta) that have a greater risk of containing the listeria germs.

Now you’re likely discovering a common motif here– prevent foods with listeria and also various other poor bacterias during pregnancy.

So why is that?

Due to the fact that expectant women are experiencing a lot of changes ( um, ya you’re just expanding a human, haha!) as well as it can cause a weakened immune system.

That means when you’re not pregnant you could be able to combat these germs off as well as any type of problems go unidentified to you. (this is my conjecture– speak with your doctor if you desire.

Do not take that threat while you’re expecting.


Not only are canned foods very refined and packed with salt, they likely contain BPA– a chemical that is included in the cellular lining of the canister and also as a result the food that remains in stated can.

BPA may cause abnormality and that factor right there is an excellent factor for expecting females (and also individuals as a whole, honestly) to prevent these type of foods. (resource).

Pregnancy is the ideal time to start food preparation from the ground up– you can control the active ingredients and make sure to eat fresh, healthy foods.

Need assist with healthier meal preparation?

Check out for dirt cheap meal plans as well as healthy shopping lists to make your life simpler.


If you’re one of those people who like to scoop raw cookie dough and also consume it, you may want to give up till you’re done being pregnant.

Cookie dough includes raw egg which we know is on the foods to prevent while pregnant checklist.

So, while you’re pregnant (and also if you have to) grab cookie dough gelato rather (but please consume it in moderation!).


Eating a lot of refined sugars during pregnancy can lead to additional weight gain that you will not want to deal with postpartum.

Trust me– I understand initial hand.

I had an insatiable hunger for gelato throughout my pregnancy and what that implies is I got method way too much weight.

While consuming ice cream (and cookies) was enjoyable, I was likewise placing myself for gestational diabetic issues which fortunately really did not really occur.

Why was I placing myself for GD?

✿ Undesirable weight gain.

✿ Not eating a healthy diet plan.

✿ Eating way too much sugar when my body was having a difficult time breaking it down as well as using it.

( Gestational diabetes takes place when your pancreatic can’t keep up with the demand for insulin and also blood sugar level levels increase. (source) While consuming cookies and ice cream didn’t trigger GD for me it triggered my OB to be worried at my blood sugar level degrees as well as, inevitably, he advised reducing my sugary behavior).

So steer away from sugary unhealthy food to begin with and also find a healthy and balanced choice to suppress those desires.

One more reason to avoid sugars?

The additional weight gain!

Part of my postpartum healing plan was to shed all that baby weight in a healthy and balanced means and also it took a lot longer!

Review this short article if you wish to find out more.


Don’t race bent on the closest convenience food restaurant while you’re pregnant.

Those areas are loaded with high-fat foods to avoid during early maternity (and the rest of your pregnancy for that matter!).

Yet that does not indicate you must avoid fats entirely (fats have a poor representative, yet not all are produced equivalent).

There are healthy and balanced fats such as olive oil, avocados, dark delicious chocolate (yum!), as well as nuts.

These are foods that must be apart of your maternity diet plan.

Review this post that describes healthy and balanced fats for even more details.


If you’re at a party as well as those food trays and dishes are out for more than two hours after that avoid consuming any one of the leftovers.

Food that isn’t correctly refrigerated can bring in unwanted germs and as we’ve seen from various other foods to prevent while expecting, they aren’t great for expanding infants in the womb.


This should be obvious yet after speaking with different mommy buddies, the recommendations of a glass of white wine below or there while expectant seems to survive.

And, while one glass of red wine may refrain from doing any kind of harm, why risk it?

Because possibly it will have a result on the baby as well as no mother desires that, am I right?

Pregnancy is 9 months, not a life time– so avoid the alcohol.

Want to know the impacts of alcohol on your baby? Go here.


Those extremely processed foods might taste truly great (and also they might be the unhealthy food you yearn for– sigh) however they have plenty of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, white flour sugar, fillers, as well as fabricated tastes.

Those aren’t great for you or your infant at any moment throughout your maternity.

So miss the unhealthy food aisle and look for a healthy alternative to satisfy your desire.


If you aren’t totally sure what a raw sprout is, right here are some examples:.

Bean sprouts.
Mung beans.

For a full checklist click on this link.

Since sprouts are expanded in a moist climate they welcome bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli and also considering that you’re expectant your immune system might not be able to eliminate food poisoning, therefore, jeopardizing your baby.

That’s why you should not consume sprouts raw.

If you do have sprouts, acquire fresh and see to it to cook them well.


Tinned vegetables need to be stayed clear of while pregnant due to the high sodium material and also the danger of BPA being present in the lining of the can.

One of the most suitable method to consume your veggies is from the fruit and vegetables area or icy aisle (where they are flash frozen at selecting).


Our fresh produce goes through a whole lot prior to it makes it to the store for you to acquire.

See to it you clean all generate extensively to reduce the risk of contamination.

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When I was pregnant I was stunned to see papaya as one of the foods to avoid during early maternity.

It’s absolutely remarkable to learn about what foods are safe while pregnant– food is a powerful thing!

Papaya has actually something called papain which can boost the best hormonal agents that prompt uterine contractions.

That might bring about miscarriage.

Papaya is high on the listing of fruits to avoid during very early maternity– do not consume it at all when you’re in your initial trimester as well as talk to your medical professional concerning consuming it later in pregnancy.

If you remain in your third trimester of pregnancy after that maybe papaya would be a good natural means to prompt labor.

( Once again not a physician or midwife, so get in touch with them initially!).

Wish to read more about avoiding papaya in early maternity? Go here.


I had not been much into my pregnancy prior to I had some mama good friends tell me to avoid consuming pineapple throughout early pregnancy.

And also I LOVE me some pineapple so I was unfortunate to learn that.

The big issue bordering pineapple is the reality it consists of bromelain which is claimed to bring on early labor– something you would certainly intend to avoid in early pregnancy.

There is a great deal of contrasting info around so I intended to consist of pineapple on my checklist of foods to stay clear of while pregnant to ensure that you go to least knowledgeable about a possible danger.

I did read one article from a respectable website that claimed the amount of bromelain consumed in a modest aiding of pineapple is minimal.

Check out that article below.

My ideal guidance is to talk with your midwife or doctor concerning any type of worries you could have regarding preventing this fruit throughout very early pregnancy.

After talking with my doctor as well as doing my very own research it ends up you’ll be simply fine if you consume pineapple.

In fact, it’s a terrific source of vitamins and nutrients you require!


I recognize what you’re believing– you believed eggplant was a vegetable, right?

I know me also, so consider my mind blown to discover it’s really a fruit! (resource).

Eggplant is another questionable food for expecting women.


Because they include phytohormones that might signal premature labor. (source).

So it is frequently recommended as one of the foods to avoid throughout very early pregnancy.

Do your research and also speak to your healthcare provider before including eggplant to your maternity diet regimen.

There you have it, mama– a checklist of foods to avoid throughout very early pregnancy.

If you are concerned regarding what foods to must stay clear of throughout very early pregnancy, see to it to speak with your medical professional.

A lot of the foods to avoid shouldn’t be eaten later on in your pregnancy either.

The key is to stay clear of foods that bring the possibility of contamination as well as for that reason a raised risk to your coming child.

I make sure you discovered the typical style– prevent foods that have a high possibility for including dangerous germs.

Your immune system is deteriorated because, well, you’re expanding a small human.

Keep in mind maternity is for 9 months which isn’t as long as you believe, so if some of your favored foods get on this listing, you’ll be able to indulge after your pregnancy.

You may try mosting likely to a nutritionist to assist you with your pregnancy diet.

They’ll be able to provide you a food plan customized to your maternity and healthy and balanced options to a few of your preferred foods that could need to be avoided since you’re expecting.

I hope you feel much better knowing what foods to stay clear of throughout very early maternity which you have a healthy and balanced pregnancy without fretting about what foods you can as well as can not eat!

What foods are you currently preventing now that you’re pregnant?

What foods are you sad regarding not being able to consume?